Statements & Objectives

We are a Christian organisation established for the purpose of bringing understanding, assurance and practical assistance to women in distress due to unplanned pregnancy.

Mission statements

  •  To provide women with the resources to make informed decisions regarding  unplanned pregnancies, including emotional and practical support.
  • To provide assistance to women who may be dealing with pregnancy loss.

Vision statement

Our vision is that all women facing pregnancy in difficult circumstances will find all the
resources they need to move forward in their pregnancy with confidence and hope.

Values Statement

  • We are an organisation that honours all human life.
  • We serve our clients with an attitude of respect and compassion.
  • We welcome all women regardless of the outcome of their decision.

Operational Objectives

  • To provide a safe environment for women to find resources, talk with a trained
    staff or volunteer member or to access further services with regard to her
  • To have open access to information on areas such as: pregnancy, childbirth, fetal development, parenting, adoption and the possible effects of abortion.
  • To acknowledge and address the needs of women dealing with their pregnancy
    loss, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion.
  • To establish a program dedicated to bringing practical assistance to single
  • To strive to continuously obtain good technology and current professional
    knowledge so as to equip ourselves to serve our clients in the most effective