Real Options

We offer services to women of all backgrounds and beliefs without discrimination or judgment.  

Pregnancy represents a transition in life. Plans are interrupted and relationships
are put to the test. There is so much to negotiate. You might be struggling to find
someone who will answer your questions.

  • What about my uni degree?
  • What about my career? How do I have a baby and a career?
  • I am studying in Australia.  My parents don’t know that I am pregnant.  How can this work?
  • I don’t have any support here for myself let alone a child.
  • My parents are not going to be happy about this.
  • People will judge me if I proceeded with my pregnancy.
  • My partner does not want this child.  I feel trapped.


 Your choices:

We are here to provide you with information so that you can make an informed choice.  Only one option is no real option.  Our trained volunteers can help you with any questions that may be troubling you.  We provide a safe place where you can take your time and be heard.  We will discuss what is the best way forward for you?  How best we can support you through this.

We are all about options


Having a child can be overwhelming and many women have experienced motherhood in less than ideal situations.  They have gone on to be wonderful mums, grateful for the privilege of raising their amazing child.  History is full of courageous women who have given us amazing people.

Pregnancy is a journey.  Many choices and many steps into endless possibilities for you? If you don’t have anyone around you to provide you with support, we will be there.

  • We can direct you to mothers’ groups and playgroups near you.
  • There are many childcare options if you are studying or working.
  • Provide material goods should you need them for you child.
  • Direct you to caring doctors who will support and encourage you.
  • We can help you with access to government financial assistance.

If you are undecided we are here to help you navigate this process so that you will make the best choice for you and your child.


Adoption is a wonderful option when considering your unexpected pregnancy.  There are many couples who are waiting to love and care for your child.  They are unable to have children on their own and this would be an amazing gift to them.

Adoption allows you the opportunity to choose to be an active part of your child’s life or
you can remain anonymous until your child is an adult. You will be involved in the selection of adoptive parents for your child.  You also can choose how much involvement you want to have with your child.

We have adoption consultants who can go through the details with you if you are considering this option.

You may not be ready to be a mum yourself but you can help another women become one. Adoption is a wonderful opportunity to give your child more.


Abortion can be a first option to the response of an unexpected pregnancy.  Every woman is different and so are the situations regarding her decision.  Often people tell you to list the advantages and disadvantages of having an abortion.  What we suggest is that you consider how you would feel about yourself, your partner, your spouse, your parents if you decided to have an abortion.

Often women are pressured to fix the problem and a quick fix can provide you with regret.  So while you have the opportunity, think about how you would feel, aborting your child, parenting your child, or adopting your child.  This gives you an opportunity to sit with these emotions before you make your final decision.

Talk to many people.  If you are worried about being judged let them know that from the start.  Let them know that you really need to talk about this freely.

You may find other women who have had abortions but never spoke of this to anyone.  It is important to find out what possible complications are.  Both physical and emotional.  Remember that we feel deeply and you need to know if this will affect you in a negative manner.

We recommend obtaining information from a variety of sources.

Abortion procedures and what is involved?
How will I feel after the abortion?
What are the short term and long term consequences to consider?
What are the potential risks of an abortion?
What rights do I have with abortion providers?

All our choices matter and we believe in providing up to date information about abortion.