Being a mother will be a wonderful experience. Seeing this little life grow to be something amazing, is a gift you will always treasure.

Many women have started motherhood in less than ideal situations, yet have
gone on to become wonderful mums, grateful to have their child.

Speaking to family and friends about your options is important, but an ‘outside’ perspective at Pregnancy Alternatives can provide you a space to relax, chat and get let us hear what YOU want to do.

Come and visit us or give us a call and we can help you

  • Provide information and direction to assist in unlocking government benefits.
  • We can link you to mothers’ groups and playgroups in your area.
  • We can help you look at childcare options if you are studying or working.
  • We can assist you with options for accommodation.
  • We can provide direction in relation to legal matters.

Any questions you have we would be happy to work through them with you and will support you 100%.